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Online version for Windows, MacOS and Chrome.

Select which version you need... PC or Mac.

This package is compatible with the Windows Installer component of your computer. It will install the Englishtype demo to a selected location on your hard drive and create a shortcut on your desktop. Removal of the software is achieved via the Windows Control Panel – add/remove software component.

This package is compatible with Apple computers (Mac OS X or above). This file should save to your Downloads folder/area. Once downloaded, double click it to launch the installation wizard, or locate it in your Downloads folder/area using Finder.

Englishtype Junior Product Image

How to download Englishtype PC

Please choose 32 or 64 bit software for your Windows PC. If your computer has a 64 bit processor (e.g. Intel I5) you can install either version. If you are unsure, choose the 32 bit version.

64 Bit Installer

32 Bit Installer

PC Installation Instructions

1. Click on one of the icons above. When the download dialogue box appear, we recommend selecting the “Save” option – to save a copy of the demo file to your hard disk.

Englishtype PC Installation Instructions 1

2. Once the download is complete, locate the msi file (should be in your Downloads folder) and double-click to start the installation process.

Englishtype PC Installation Instructions 2

3. Accept licence agreement, choose install location (or keep default) and select “Install”. When the UAC (User Account Control) warning appears, check that you are installing the correct version and then select “Yes”.

Englishtype PC Installation Instructions 3

4. Locate the Englishtype shortcut on your desktop and double-click to run.

PC Removal Instructions

1a. To remove the Englishtype software, re-run the installer file in your downloads folder. Select the “Remove” options and your software will be uninstalled.

Englishtype PC Installation Instructions 4

1b. Alternatively, go to Windows Settings, and choose “Apps”. Wait for the list of Apps to populate, scroll down to Englishtype, click on the Englishtype Icon and then select “Uninstall”.

How to download Englishtype Mac

Please choose 32 or 64 bit software for your Mac (note: you can remove it and try the other one if you like, click TryIt to run in Demo mode). To help you choose, we suggest…

OS 10.14 or higher – 64 bit software
Choose this option is you have a fairly new Mac (2015 or later) and/or you are running OS Mojave 10.14 (or 10.15 when released). Or, if you are running OS Mojave 10.14 or above, then you will need to choose this option regardless of how old your Mac is.

OS 10.13 or lower – 32 bit software
If your Mac is 2012 or older, choose this option. Or, if you are running OS 10.13 High Sierra or lower, you may find your computer runs this version more easily (it requires less memory power).

64 Bit PKG File

32 Bit PKG File

Mac Installation Instructions

1. Download the .pkg (Mac package) file you have chosen; the file is called v5_englishtypeJnr.pkg or something similar.

Englishtype Mac Installation Instructions 1

2. When finished downloading, this will go into your Downloads folder, use Finder to locate it and run the installation wizard.

Englishtype Mac Installation Instructions 2

3. If you would like a shortcut, drag this down to the dock or across to the desktop.

4. The first time you run the program it will ask for your activation code, or click TryIt to run in Demo mode.

Please note: If you upgrade your OS, we recommend you manually save progress if you want to retain it BEFORE you upgrade. Contact us for information.

Note that once you have finished the installation (and you can see the Englishtype app in your Applications folder), you can delete the .pkg file from your Downloads folder by dragging it to the Trash. Empty the Trash to remove it completely.

Mac Removal Instructions

To Uninstall, use Finder and go to the Applications folder and select the Englishtype app you want to uninstall by clicking on it once to highlight. Either drag the Englishtype icon to the Trash, or right-click and select “Move to Trash”

Right-click on the Trash Can and select “Empty Trash”.