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Use a modern browser like Chrome, Edge or Safari and make sure it’s up-to-date.
Windows 7, MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) or latest ChromeOS to run (not iPad); Mac users, if Safari shows an error, download Chrome browser for Mac instead).

Teachers, contact us for a login including Teacher Admin access.

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Choose Junior or Senior Demo login and note details, click to go to the Login page, tick “I’m not a robot” and click LogIn.

Username [email protected]
Password Abcd@2357
Username [email protected]
Password Abcd@2357

Get Started with EnglishType Online!

Click Started to go into to the Demo account you chose (Junior or Senior).

We recommend you use the Full Screen button at the top (Escape returns you to a normal size window).

How to use EnglishType Online

Click the Red Book icon to try the Main Lessons from 1A to 2C. You should start at lesson 1A to learn home keys fingers & colours and do lessons in order. In the full program, lessons unlock in order

Click the Dice icon to see the Games. The first Game unlocks after you complete Lesson 1C. And after 2C you can try Game 2.

Blue Book Spelling and Green Stopwatch Booster aren’t available in the Demo login; you can click them but they will show locks. You can click on the other icons to see what they do.

PLEASE NOTE: Demo mode will not save your progress after you log out.

More Information on how to use EnglishType Online

  • The ? in the top right hand corner gives help & information on activities.
  • Click the Music Notes to turn the music on or off.
  • The RED CROSS in the top corner will log you out, or if you’re not in full screen, click on the Demo name (top right) and select Log Out and close your browser window.

And here’s where to go to try it all out… click on the link below and remember the login details you read at the top.

Different activities keep learning fun


Lessons are the core of the program – teaching which fingers are which colour and do which letters. Each Lesson level has 3 main sections, A, B and C:  A sections are finger movements, B sections are words and C sections are phrases. Extra lessons D & E for additional practice, totals 5 sections per lesson. Bronze, silver & gold stars motivate progress.  Key accuracy is shown at the end of every lesson, highlighting any keys that need a bit more work.

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There are 6 games. After each Lesson level, a game unlocks – games are fun but test if you’ve learned the letters – there is no onscreen keyboard to help.  Lessons and early games focus on accuracy only; it’s important to be accurate or you will never be quick.  Later games need accuracy and speed.

Touch Typing Games for Kids - Englishtype
Touch Type Games for Kids - Englishtype
Touch Type Games for Children - Englishtype


Speed is introduced almost half way through the program with Booster, a new activity designed especially to build muscle memory very efficiently.  Repeating high frequency pairs & patterns of letters and words will begin to increase speed.  Learning patterns rather than individual letters is an important step in muscle memory.

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There are also optional Spelling lessons for anyone who finds spelling tricky or wants extra practice.  There are 5 different activities – all focus on relevant, high frequency words.  The words are spoken, then disappear from the screen.  Click to read & listen again if needed.

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TypeTest & Certificates

Finally, there are two tests to check progress halfway through and at the end after lesson 12 for course completion. Getting a Gold medal on TypeTest2 means the muscle memory is working!  View & print colourful certificates.

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Schools and Teachers

Englishtype Junior can fit into the timetable in lots of different ways.  In IT lessons, a typing club (breakfast, lunch or after school), as an intervention for SEN pupils, are just a few examples.  Combining lessons in schools with the software at home for extra practice is a very effective way to teach and makes up for lack of timetable time (discounted home copies are available through school).

Englishtype Junior has a detailed Teacher Administration package for schools, including a Class Management function, certificates, & printing results (see Schools/Teachers page)

Englishtype - Schools and Teachers - Lesson Planning v4

frequently asked questions

If practice is done quite intensively (3 months) then about 20-25 hours of practice will get most children typing by touch.  10-15 minutes, twice daily (morning and afternoon / evening) will get good results in 12 weeks.  The school summer holiday is ideal for an intensive course, 30-45 mins twice daily will get most kids touch typing in 4-6 weeks, going back to school in September with a very impressive new skill – especially if no one else can do it!

To learn to type by touch and get the skill into the muscle memory and out of the conscious brain, it’s essential NOT to see the letters while learning.  Traditionally, touch typing was taught with the hands & keyboard covered and you can still use this technique.  But our results have shown significant improvement when you make a real coloured keyboard to match the onscreen colours in Englishtype.  See the “Learning to Type” page for more details.

Both Junior & Senior teach touch typing in the same way.  The main difference is the vocabulary in the higher settings of each program – there are simple, easy settings and more difficult words for more of a challenge.  We recommend Junior for up to age 11 yrs (Primary school) and Senior after that.  Some 12 year olds (or older) may prefer the fun in Junior, it’s personal preference.

Englishtype online will run on most computers, on Microsoft Windows 7 or higher, Chrome and MacOS Catalina 10.15 or higher. It doesn’t generally run on iPad or Android. We recommend Edge, Chrome or Safari as the browser. Browser must be updated to latest version.  Your child can log into their account from any compatible device.

MAC USERS, if you have trouble with Safari and you aren’t on the latest OS, either update Safari from the App Store or download Chrome instead (you can have Chrome installed as well as Safari).

If you have any concerns about internet or broadband, or prefer your child not to be online, we have versions that will install and run on your own computer (don’t go online after the initial installation); contact us for details.