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Learning to touch type is an essential life skill for everyone today. Computers are everywhere and using a keyboard without touch typing is like using a feather and pot of ink to write – painfully slow! Lots of countries, like America, Canada & Australia, teach typing lessons (or ‘keyboarding’) as a basic skill, but in the UK very few schools are teaching typing.

For Special Needs like Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism/ASD and VI, teaching keyboard typing can be life changing. Written work is often a difficult & disliked area, and learning to touch type can significantly improve both quantity & quality of written work.

Did you know touch typing is really about using your muscle memory? Typing becomes an unconscious process leaving the brain free to focus on what is written, rather than eyes jumping between screen and keyboard. And it’s a different, powerful way to learn to spell.

"You want to put wings on the heels of your children?
Teach them to touch type. They'll bless you for it in later life.
Or they'll hunt and peck like electro-chickens
for the rest of their days."
John Sutherland
Professor, University College London (retired)
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Englishtype Junior is the educational and fun way to teach typing for kids. Developed by an experienced Educational Psychologist especially for the UK Curriculum and designed by award winning game designers. Teaching touch typing in schools and at home, Englishtype has taught thousands of kids to type without looking.

Unlike other touch typing software, Englishtype maximises literacy benefits at the same time as teaching typing. Unique colour coding of fingers & letters boosts skill learning. Carefully selected age relevant & useful vocabulary (choose from 4 levels) is great for any ability level – challenging the brightest and including support for Special Needs.

Englishtype is a leading brand of touch typing tutor

At home and in school, Englishtype is a leading brand of touch typing tutor developed especially for the UK Curriculum by an Educational Psychologist (educational designer of BBC Schools Dance Mat Typing). Learning to type can take as little as one week and short lessons & arcade-style games make typing practice fun.

Teaching typing for over 25 years, Englishtype has taught thousands of children & adults to touch type. Focusing on muscle memory, Englishtype’s unique colour coding system and specially designed exercises teach how to touch type in the fastest & most effective way. Learning to type can be done in as little as one week with very intensive practice. Speed and accuracy is increased.

Englishtype is the best in “edu-tainment” – educational entertainment – learn to touch type in a fun and engaging way with lots of different activities for painless practice.

Englishtype - eading brand of touch typing tutor 2
Englishtype - Englishtype - eading brand of touch typing tutor 3
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Englishtype Senior is a version of the bestselling touch typing tutor for kids, designed for older students. Englishtype Senior was developed by an experienced Educational Psychologist and is designed to boost literacy at the same time as teaching typing. Improves reading, spelling, grammar & punctuation.

Englishtype’s unique colour coding builds typing skills & muscle memory quickly and efficiently. Carefully selected vocabulary means practice is using relevant & useful words not nonsense or random words. Great for any ability level with SEN friendly design. Suitable for aged 12+, teens & adults.

Did you know?

When you type by touch, a different part of your brain is in control

When you can type without looking down at the keyboard, your unconscious is in control of what’s happening (it’s like changing gear in a car – you think it and your body does the rest).

What’s in control is the “muscle memory”; also known as your physical skill centre – it really does “let your fingers do the talking”.

This part of the brain automates operations and skills, so that once learned, the process part is unconscious.  There are so many advantages to this part of the brain being in control, for example…

  • Type more accurately
  • Type faster
  • Keep your eyes on the screen, no dividing of the
    attention between the screen and the keyboard
  • Your mind is free to concentrate on content & quality of writing
  • It’s a different, effective way to spell; words are finger movements and patterns on the keyboard not strings of letters

Learning to Type

With the omni-presence of computers, touch typing is a life skill in this day & age. In many other countries, touch typing is taught at primary school age. At Englishtype, we are passionate about teaching typing and believe all children should learn to type before they leave school.

Most kids are familiar with computers almost as soon as they start school, so it’s assumed they know how to use the keyboard by “hunting & pecking” at the keys. This means the slowest part of the computer is the human using the keyboard – touch typing increases efficiency by 200-800% or more. That’s why we are dedicated to making touch typing for kids easier. Explore for more information on how touch typing helps children and tips to improve learning.


Englishtype has many unique features that maximise its educational benefits:

Educational & Fun
Way to Learn to Type

Special Needs
Friendly Features
Schools & Teachers

Special Needs

Englishtype was designed originally with the special needs of Dyslexic individuals in mind. The careful design and structure of the program have also made it popular with teachers working with other types of Special Needs, including Dyspraxia / Development Co-ordination Disorder (DCD), Austistic Spectrum Disorder, Aspergers, Semantic Pragmatic & other language disorders and Visual Impairment.

For Special Needs or Neuro-divergent children, touch typing provides a very different option for writing and usually has a very significant effect, completely changing how they feel about written work.  Written work is usually a disliked and/or upsettingly difficult process. The quality of work is not comparable with cognitive ability, and self esteem is often also damaged.

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Try our FREE Touch Typing Speed Test

Our keyboard typing speed test is designed to be as realistic as possible; it allows you to make mistakes, but you must correct them before the timer stops. Choose the appropriate age to get vocabulary to test typing for kids or touch typing for adults. The test gives you a true measure of your speed to produce something properly. It uses high frequency common words for children and adults. Although there are a few less common words to give you some work with less common letters like Q and Z! This is a free touch typing speed test to show you how fast you can type and how long mistakes take to correct.

Schools & Teachers

Englishtype was designed by an Educational Psychologist especially for use in UK schools. Unlike other typing tutors, it is designed to maximise additional educational benefits at the same time as teaching typing. The multi-sensory design & strong structure plus carefully selected vocabulary content (sources include Alpha to Omega & National Curriculum Spelling Appendix) make Englishtype ideal for mixed ability groups in the classroom, challenging the brightest whilst providing extra help for Special Needs children.


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