Touch Typing for Children and Adults


Online version for Windows, MacOS and Chrome.

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Choosing touch typing software for kids – why choose Englishtype?

There are a lot of touch typing programs out there – some for free, some cost a lot. If you’re serious about touch typing for kids, have a look at Englishtype, its unique design gets great results at home or at school.

“I have worked with lots of different programmes over the last 10 years or so and I really believe that Englishtype is the best one out there!” Teacher, Thomas’s Battersea (Primary)


Mum of 3, says:
“I’m really happy I found your touch typing program, I have been searching for something like this for two years and internet searches led me down rabbit holes.

We tried Nessy Fingers and the BBC app (Dance Mat Typing), but both are too short and too “playful”, they don’t encourage repetition, they unlock all the keyboard keys too quickly and the kids never go back to earlier exercises to practice, so they end up not learning to touch-type. Yours has got just the right balance here for that and the professor is funny. The kids love the stickers and the motivation messages. One is set on getting a sticker every day!”


Primary Teacher Elaine from Ireland says:
“Englishtype is a fantastic piece of software, by far the best I’ve seen for children to learn to type! Sometimes we have to use other software but we are getting the best results from Englishtype as they enjoy using the program so much.

We have about 30 children who have laptops for school so at the start we get them to use Englishtype. Some children don’t have Windows laptops and we have to use other software but we are getting the best results from Englishtype. They love getting the badges and trophies!”

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