Touch Typing for Children and Adults


Online version for Windows, MacOS and Chrome.


Teach touch typing for kids – say no to being a digital caveman (cavewoman!)

“I wasn’t allowed to learn to type when I was at school, because I was told that as I was bright and heading to university I didn’t need to learn. It’s something I really regretted as I spent hours ‘hunting & pecking’ at the keyboard writing extended essays and dissertations when I was at university.

Fast forward to when I worked for a very large international company at a middle management level. My peers from across the globe could all touch type making them so much more efficient and speedy. I felt like a luddite hammering away at the keyboard… like a cave woman!

I am determined that my own daughter will learn to touch type as a child. I think it’s an imperative skill to set her up for success in her education and future working life”.

It’s so much easier to teach touch typing for kids than for adults. Establishing the best habits early on means there’s no breaking bad habits of “hunt & peck” before learning the much more effective way of typing by touch. Touch typing will double, triple or more efficiency at the keyboard – why spend three hours doing something that should only take one?

Touch typing uses the unconscious muscle memory, one of the fastest parts of the brain. Teach touch typing for kids and give your kids a head start and skill for life!

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