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Touch Typing for Kids - Having a Break

Touch typing for kids with Dyslexia can be life changing

Mum, Martha, said…

I wanted to write this review of Englishtype as it has been so life-changing for my son. This sounds like an exaggeration but it is not. My son Max was 14, dyslexic and left-handed – he struggled to feel good about himself in school, the school system that he was in was geared towards non-dyslexic brains and so he could not access the learning in the same way. Englishtype was recommended to us in 2017 by Max’s teacher as his writing was holding him back, he was slow and his left-handed writing was hard to read. Max took to Englishtype so well. He practised 5 times a week. He said that he wanted to do it every day because he wanted to get all the games and all the new characters. This means that he was learning a vital skill for someone whose writing was hard to read and slow to produce whilst the process felt like fun and not laborious. By 2018, Max was producing his work both in class and at home on a computer. He started to feel proud of what he could achieve. He produced work quickly and could edit it well as it was readable. He went on to pass 8/9 GCSE exams and a year later got a high C in that final exam. This was incredible for Max.

Now 17, he has gone on to study Music at college and uses touch typing for all his assignments – it means the process of writing assignments is painless and he can get down all the brilliant ideas he has without them being crushed by the slowness and illegibility of handwriting.

He is now a confident and happy 17 year old – excited about all the world has to offer.

Thank you for such an excellent, imaginative and effective program. My 7 year old is now keen to start as he remembers sitting on his brother’s knee and how fun the program was so here we go again!

Dad, Gordon, said…

I purchased this product and am very impressed by it, it worked for my 2 dyslexic boys. My wife and I both investigated software and chose Englishtype to teach touch typing for both our kids; it works, it’s simple – plus the kids have the engagement of awards, badges and costumes. I am really happy with Englishtype. (Our son) was going nowhere in his academic life and how he’s absolutely flying. I owe a lot of my son’s achievements to Englishtype; touch typing was a huge part of the process and really helped him. My youngest is coming up the same way and just starting to really engage with the program. You have a great product and it works, well done.

My wife and I wanted our eldest son to learn to touch type after a diagnosis of severe Dyslexia. He has a high IQ and is great at Maths, he was really struggling to write with a pen and he wasn’t able to express himself in written work and found English a difficult subject. He is 13 yrs old now and he touch types at 50-60 words per minute. It’s amazing to watch him type, he can have a totally separate conversation and carry on typing! Touch typing has changed everything for him, and as he learned to type, his reading improved too – his reading age and words per minute increasing. He finished as school captain and now is a scholar in a fantastic public school, looking at doing Maths and English GCSE’s as early as 14 years old.

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