Touch Typing for Children and Adults


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Free Typing Speed Test

Improve your typing speed with our FREE typing speed test!

Speed comes naturally when your unconscious brain has taken over the skill and you can type without looking down and searching for the keys. This is what touch typing is about – typing by touch, not by sight. Touch typing is all about muscle memory; your fingers move without conscious thought – this part of your brain is much faster, and frees your mind, your conscious brain, to focus only on what you want to say. Touch typing means you can be up to 10 times faster.

Improving type speed – what is a good typing speed?

Lots of children struggle to type at even ten words per minute; a good touch typist at age 11yrs will be typing at 50-60 words per minute. That’s one hour vs six hours to do the same amount of work. Adults may type at 20 or even 30 words per minute by hunting & pecking, but you can still double or triple your typing speed and halve the time spent at the computer.

Accuracy is also a very important factor – you will never be fast at touch typing if you aren’t accurate. For every mistake you make, you are hitting at least three keys instead of one – the wrong one, delete and then the correct one: that’s three times slower than being right the first time. Your speed will grow over time. Consistency brings accuracy, using the same fingers each time for the same letters prevents mistakes.

Typing Test

How fast can you type?


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How can I improve touch typing?

Learn to type by touch, not sight. Learn the correct fingers.  Practice typing regularly – touch typing is a physical skill, more like learning a sport or a musical instrument,  it’s not like most things you learn in a classroom.  Englishtype is a great way to practice, lessons focused on high frequency words and special exercises designed to maximise efficiency of learning touch typing.

Touch typing speed test

This speed test is designed to be as realistic as possible; it allows you to make mistakes, but you must correct them before the timer stops. Choose the appropriate age to get vocabulary to test touch typing for kids or touch typing for adults.  The test gives you a true measure of your speed to produce something properly. It uses high frequency common words for children and adults.  Although there are a few less common words to give you some work with less common letters like Q and Z!  This is a free touch typing test to show you how fast you can type and how long mistakes take to correct.

Should I practice regularly?

Yes, there is nothing better than daily touch typing practice. Little and often is the best recipe for success and getting your muscle memory working.  New research shows the importance of taking breaks in acquiring new physicals skills; it allows your brain to integrate the learning.  Englishtype’s touch typing software will teach you how to type and improve your typing speed and accuracy increase over time