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Leading Schools Put Touch Typing Back on the Timetable

It’s great to see touch typing getting some recognition as a skill, there’s an article in today’s Daily Mail Online about how leading schools are putting it on the timetable due to parental demand. Brighton College Prep School is one of Englishtype’s client schools and Englishtype is now being rolled out into the Senior school. Lots of Brighton College pupils are using Englishtype at school and at home.

If you are a parent and your child isn’t learning to type, get in touch with Englishtype or talk to a teacher at the school.

“The return of touch typing: Leading schools put the skill on the timetable to make pupils more employable. Brighton College and Eton are understood to have brought in the classes… (Typing) is now it is being taught in Britain’s most prestigious schools after middle-class parents demanded it be put on the timetable.

Someone trained to touch type can reach between 50 and 70 words a minute. Touch typing is already being routinely taught in many foreign schools.”

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