Research Paper on the Benefits of Touch Typing

Research Paper on the Benefits of Touch Typing

“What is known…
Typing skills are important for the quality of the typewritten text output. In touch‐typing with automaticity of transcription, workting‐memory load is decreased.

What this paper adds…
This study investigated the effect of a touch‐typing course on spelling and narrative writing.
We used a design with an experimental (with typing‐course) and a control group (no course)
The experimental group showed more improvement in typing, spelling and narrative writing.

Implications for parents & teachers…
It is important for the quality of student’s text output to learn how to touch‐type
Touch‐typing can be learned in a course, containing 15 training sessions of 1.5 hours each
Practice of 20 minutes a day is necessary”

Touch‐typing for better spelling and narrative‐writing skills on the computer

van Weerdenburg 23 October 2018

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