Touch Typing for Children and Adults


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Touch Typing for Kids and Speed Test

Touch typing for Children is increasingly recognised as important in schools

Prince William had the internet giggling this week with his two finger typing video on YouTube.  Hopefully, his children will learn proper touch typing!  As reported in the Daily Express (Sept 9th 2021), Thomas’s Battersea includes touch typing in a list of activities offered to pupils. The school is known for its exclusivity, with star-studded alumni including model and actress Cara Delevingne, and singer Florence Welch as well as royalty from the UK and overseas.

Prince William has royal fans in stitches over relatable video clip – see why | HELLO! (

More & more leading state & private schools are recognising the importance of touch typing for kids as a life skill. The demand from parents is gathering huge pace with touch typing now seen as essential to set the best foundation for pupils’ futures in both further education and professional life. Being able to type by touch (unconscious, physical skill of the muscle memory) is a game changer in producing written work and computer usage.  A modest increase is double or triple the speed – others go on to be 10 times as efficient as a “hunt & peck” keyboard user.

These schools know how important proper keyboard skills are for their pupils to prepare them for their future education and career paths.  Touch typing for children means faster speed, higher accuracy, more efficient ways of working, less cognitive load on the conscious brain (think about what you want to say not the process of how to write it).  Give your kids a huge head start at school and get them typing quickly, easily and efficiently – don’t let them be “hunt & peck” as demonstrated by Prince William!

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