Transition to Senior School

Transition to secondary school for children with Special Needs

HuffPost UK has suggestions about helping transition to secondary school for children with Special Needs. While it’s nice to see they think touch typing will have already been taught – it’s certainly not a reality! Help your child and get them typing properly. Remember, the real benefit of the skill comes from the fact that it gets the brain working differently from writing with a pen. Great for SEN / Neuro-diverse brains!

(HuffPost UK) “Plan your approach” (to the Senior school)
Note down any concerns or thoughts in advance of a school meeting. If your child finds change difficult, would additional orientation visits during the first weeks be helpful to get a better sense of the new school’s geography and meet key teachers? Are there certain skills which could be prioritised this term in any additional lessons? For example, does your child need to improve their personal organisation and their ability to complete homework independently? Is touch-typing and organisation of work on a computer still a struggle?
If the answer is yes to any of these questions, ask if these can be supported at school and where appropriate and possible, supporting at home too can be very helpful.…/special-needs-how-to-hel…

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